Why come here and how

To vistit a corner of France a little bit off the beaten tracks.

To discover how many beautiful strolls in the car around here and how many interesting destinations outside the Cantal there are within a radius of 80 km from Marcolès.

To assist in Aurillac (28km), to the Européennes du gout in the first week of July and France's most famous Street theater festival in the third week of August ...

To let your child help Blu catch the crickets (and then free them) or to take care of chickens, bunnies and sheep ...

To assist in the medieval village of Marcolès (2 km), to the "Nuits de Marcolès" in the third week of July or at the Festival "Les'arts de la Rue" on August 14th and 15th. 

To try one of Cantal's five AOC cheeses.

To bring your child to the Deer Valley (17 km) or to Omps' educational farm (18 km).

To make a sleep treatment...

To visit The Lioran (60km from here), the largest ski resort in the Massif Central and its wide variety of summer activities for young and old.

To visit the Unesco World Heritage site of Conques. (35 km

To help Ale cut and stack firewood ...

To see how we cope as an "attachment parenting" family ... and by whom we are inspired!

To assist, around here, to one of the many cultural events, village fair and other activities that animate the Chataigneraie ...

To cross the imaginary line of  Méridienne verte that divides France, through 337 communes including Paris and. .. Marcolès, passing right in the lawn of la Clairière.

To ge to know two unique human beings, our neighbours Antoine and Dédé.  

And for many other reasons ...


If you come by car, a detailed itinerary will be sent to you, depending on what is your previous destination.

Il you come by train, you want to reach Maurs (20 km from here) or Aurillac (28km from here. In that case we will come and pick you up.

Il you come by plane, you can fly in Aurillac (28 km from here) with Airlinair from Paris, in Rodez (60 km from here)  with Ryanair from London and in Toulouse from many cities in the world (220 km from here).
From there you can rent a car; in that case we will provide you with a detailed itinerary. 
Otherwise we propose to our guests a shuttle service (free from/to Aurillac, 30 euros from/to Rodez and in certain periods, 100 euros from/to Toulouse).